The Berean Expositor
Volume 25 - Page 85 of 190
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Pleroo in Colossians.
A | 1: 9, 10. Prayer. Knowledge of His will. That ye might walk worthy.
B | 1: 25. Ministry. Paul's ministry "filled up" the Word of God.
C | 2: 10. Position. The believer "filled full" in Christ.
A | 4: 12. Prayer. The will of God. That ye may stand perfect.
B | 4: 17. Ministry. Archippus enjoined to "fill up" his ministry,
evidently by making known the mystery.
With this we conclude our survey of the epistle, only too conscious of depths
unplumbed and heights unscaled. Of this we are sure, that not until the day when the
Lord bids us cease, shall we for long be able to refrain from turning to these great stores
of truth seeking fresh light and teaching, both for ourselves and for all the members of
this glorious fellowship. "Remember my bonds" said Paul in closing. We do, and while
we exalt his Lord, as the apostle would have us do, we are certain that the Lord's smile
will be upon any who, realizing, as he may, all the evident earthliness of the vessel,
spares a moment to thank God and take courage as he remembers the life and witness of
the Lord's prisoner.