The Berean Expositor
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The typical place of Pentecost (2: 14 - 8: 1).
pp. 211 - 216
With Peter's address (Acts 2: 14) we commence a new section of the Acts, which is
shown in the structure on p.3 of Volume XXIV as:--
C | 2: 14 - 8: 1. Ministry of PETER and others to the nation of Israel
in Jerusalem and the land.
As one studies the Word of God, and the wonder of its every part opens out before
one's apprehension: as all its intricate beauty of design is revealed, the creature stands
impotent. Not space, nor time, nor ability, suffices to set forth more than the barest
skeleton of the beauteous whole.  The Lord alone can make the dry bones of our
presentation live. But we must not refrain from doing what we can, because we
cannot do what we would, and so, in the following structure, we draw attention to the
inter-relation of the parts that compose the section and indicate the movement of its
teaching, without following out its ramifications or pointing out a tithe of the
correspondence of its design.