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the land, should be strangers in Egypt and in addition be afflicted there. When the fourth
generation had come, however, Israel were to be delivered, and come again to the land of
their inheritance, the reason for this strange interval being: "for the iniquity of the
Amorites is not yet full."
The Amorites were a Canaanitish people, and devoted to destruction. They were,
moreover, part of that awful seed associated with the Nephilim and the Giants. Og,
king of Bashan, was one of their number. They were proverbial for their great stature
(Amos 2: 9, 10). When Israel did at last receive command to enter into their inheritance,
the dispossession of the Amorite was an essential condition. Deut. 2: 1-25 should be
read, and the following features noted. Before the Lord speaks of Israel's inheritance, He
draws attention to a peculiar feature that characterized the inheritance of Moab (9-11),
Esau (12), and Ammon (19-22). In each case we find that the Canaanite is dispossessed
and destroyed as a condition of entering into the inheritance. Take verse 12 as an
"The Horims also dwelt in Seir beforetime, but the children of Esau succeeded
(margin, inherited) them, when they had destroyed them from before them, and dwelt in
their stead; AS ISRAEL DID unto the land of his possession, which the Lord gave unto
"As Israel did" indicate that here we have a principle at work. What did all this mean
to the reader whose testimony we are here giving? It meant that he realized that just as
the earthly inheritance of Israel was temporarily held by the wrong seed, so heavenly
places have been held by "spiritual wickednesses" (Eph. 6: 12). Satan as leader is the
one who showed the false seed (called "the tares") in Matt. 13: 24-30, and these--
though destined to be rooted out and destroyed--are permitted to grow until the harvest.
The church of the mystery, though chosen "before the overthrow of the world", must
patiently await the time when their spiritual Amorite fills up the measure of his iniquity,
just as Israel had to be in bondage in Egypt until the iniquity of the actual Amorite was
complete. The church of the mystery will enter its inheritance in heavenly places when
the present occupants have been dispossessed and destroyed. This assists us to realize
that the present dispensation is linked with a period that antedates the promises that
belong to the earth, and is associated with the fall of Satan "before the overthrow of the
world". No one would attempt to prove or teach the basic facts of the dispensation of the
mystery from such a passage as Gen. 15: 13-16, but, as our reader says, the way having
been cleared by right division, and the boundary already seen in Acts 28:, the typical
teaching of this passage might well flash into the mind, bringing a conviction to the
individual that may not find a response in the heart of another not so prepared.
It is important to the teaching of the mystery that "heavenly places" are associated
with a period "before the overthrow of the world", and with "principalities and powers",
some of whom have fallen from this high estate. The Canaanites were usurpers. They
were used by Satan to forestall the purpose of the ages. Israel were the true seed and the
true heirs, even though they waited long for their inheritance. In like manner, the church
was chosen in Christ before the overthrow of the world, but Satan was permitted to make