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A review, and sign of the times.
Darwinian Theory a "Dream".
Lesson of the Microscope
p. 20
"The Missing Link problem and the theory of man's evolution from the ape
stage were criticized in a paper read last night to the Victoria Institute, London, by
Dr. Albert Fleischmann, Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy in the
University of Erlangen (Bavaria).
Darwin, he said, would have abandoned his dream of a single great genealogical tree
for all species of animals, if he had lived to see the later advances in animal anatomy.
Darwin's theory had not been confirmed by the discoveries of anatomical research, yet
evolutionists still search for `ancestors' in the graveyards of the past, and arranged fossil
fragments--leg bones, teeth or skulls--of various extinct species of horse into the
hypothetical series" (The News Chronicle, 23rd May, 1933).