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The end of the law . . . . . Newness of life (1: 1, 2).
pp. 170 - 174
We have now passed in review the five books of Moses, and although we have
devoted nearly one hundred articles to the elucidation of their teaching, every reader is
well aware that we have but skimmed the surface, leaving the depths still unsounded.
However, it is not our purpose in the series to do more than point out the most obvious
features, features that throw light upon the dealings of God with man, that illuminate the
purpose of the ages, and that by prophecy, type and doctrine reveal the Being and
attributes of the Lord God Himself.
And so we approach the sixth book of the Scriptures, the book of Joshua, in order to
learn something more concerning the purposes of Him Who worketh all things after the
counsel of His own will. The book of Joshua stands first in that section of the Hebrew
Bible named "The Prophets", and is very definitely related to the closing books of the
same section. The following arrangement, which appeared first in Dispensational Truth,
and with somewhat different notes in the first Appendix of The Companion Bible,
makes this clear:--
The Structure of the Prophets.
A | JOSHUA. "The Lord of all the earth."
Failure to possess the land (18: 3).
The Canaanite still in possession (15: 63).
B | JUDGES. Failure. Thirteen judges.
Israel forsaking and returning to God. "No King" (21: 25).
C | SAMUEL. Saul (type of Antichrist). David (type of Christ).
Israel want to be "like the nations".
D | KINGS. Decline and failure under Kings.
Removal from the land.
D | ISAIAH. Israel's only hope, final blessing, and restoration.
Messiah--God's King.
C | JEREMIAH. Nebuchadnezzar (type of Antichrist).
David's "Righteous Branch".
"Raised up" the Deliverer.
Israel sent into captivity among the nations.
B | EZEKIEL. The glory of God forsaking and returning to the land and people.
Jehovah Shammah. The Lord is there.
A | MINOR PROPHETS. "The Lord of all the earth."
Joshua the High Priest.
Restoration of Israel to the land.
"No more Canaanite in the house of the Lord of hosts" (Zech. 14: 21).
The most superficial study of these eight books shew an unfolding purpose. At either
end stands one named Joshua, the first a Captain, the second a High Priest. The name