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So is sounded out by two songs the history of this people of Israel; for the Song of
Moses would never have eventuated in blessing had it not been true that there was to be
added to it, in due time, the Song of the Lamb.
The blessing of Moses (33: 1-29).
pp. 135 - 139
Following the great Song which is recorded in Deut. 32:, comes the "blessing
wherewith Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel before his death".
This blessing opens with a reference to Sinai not so much in its terror as in its
covenant character, and closes with Israel dwelling in safety alone, saved by the Lord.
Between these two extremes, which occupy verses 2-5 and 26-29, the tribes are
enumerated and a blessing apportioned to each. Simeon's name does not occur in the
A.V. text, but this may be partly explained by the fact that Simeon's inheritance fell
"within the inheritance of the children of Judah" (Josh. 19: 1).  The Alexandrian
manuscript, however, together with the Aldine and Complutensian editions, read:--
"Let Reuben live and not die; and Simeon's men be few."
Some think that the repetition of the negative in verse 6 is unjustified. But the matter
is obscure, and not of sufficiently vital interest to ourselves to warrant a wider search.
Adhering to the text of the A.V. we may summarize the blessing as follows:--
The blessing of Israel by Moses (Deut. 33: 1-29).
A | 1-5. The people loved, King in Jeshurun.
"Thy saints are in Thy hand."
B | 6-25. | a1 | 6. REUBEN.--Life and prosperity.
a2 | 7. JUDAH.--Royal. Warlike.
a3 | 8-11. LEVI.--Priests. Proven.
a4 | 12. BENJAMIN.--Temple area.
a5 | 13-17. JOSEPH.--The bush. Ephraim and Manasseh.
a6 | 18, 19. ZEBULUN.--Commercial. Seas.
a7 | 18, 19. ISAACHAR.--Domestic. Sand.
a8 | 20, 21. GAD.--Enlarge. Chose part for himself.
a9 | 22. DAN.--A lion's whelp. Bashan.
a10 | 23. NAPHTALI.--Fertile land.
a11 | 24, 25. ASHER.--Blessing of children.
A | 26-29. The people loved. None like God of Jeshurun.
"Underneath are the everlasting arms."