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One can imagine the apostle's grief when he learned that those who, by virtue of their
union with Christ, were not only raised but seated together far above all principalities and
powers, had been so deceived as to become worshippers of angels, to learn that although
no middle wall now stood, and the enmity of ordinances had been removed, yet these
Colossians saints were reverting to the weak and beggarly elements, were observing days
and feasts, and exchanging substance for shadow--all for the attaining of a completeness
which was already theirs in Christ.
The opening words of verse 13 are too vital to be dealt with at the close of this article,
and although when dealing with Eph. 2: 1 we set out our proofs for the new translation
offered there, this was written so long ago that it will be necessary to go over the ground
afresh so that new readers shall have the benefit of all the evidence. Meanwhile, we trust
that every step we have taken together has broken down trust in all but the Lord Himself
and His finished work. We can say with a fullness unknown by Israel: "All my springs
are in Thee."
#25.  BEWARE.
"Dead to sins" and "Uncircumcision of the flesh" (2: 13).
pp. 98 - 100
The completeness of the church in Christ, which entirely precludes any attempt at
improvement by fleshly means, has been opened up by revealing that all that
circumcision stood for in the law has its spiritual equivalent in the death and resurrection
of Christ--"the putting off the body of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ." This
repudiation of the flesh is further enforced by the fact that the believer is united by
spiritual baptism with Christ in His burial, and that, through faith of the inworking of
God that raised Christ from the dead, he is risen with Him, with power to walk in
newness of life and with the privilege of being able to live unto God.
One of the things that we discovered in Rom. 6: (see series on the Epistle to the
Romans) was that liberty is essential to sanctification, life and growth. Sin and sinful
tendencies cannot be checked by shackles; if this had been possible, then sanctification
and victorious life could have come by the law. The dominion of the flesh cannot be put
away by neglecting the body, or by submitting to ordinances, "Touch not, taste not,
handle not". It is only possible by that true circumcision in which the old man was
crucified and the body of the flesh put off.
We now take up the thread of our study, commencing at verse 13:--
"And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath He
quickened together with Him" (Col. 2: 13).