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again. This was accomplished by the appointment of Matthias, a much debated subject
and one which demands our earnest attention, as there are those who teach that Paul was
the true twelfth apostle and that Matthias was mistakenly appointed. This we do not deal
with at the moment, except to say that the Scriptures abundantly prove that the
appointment of Matthias was entirely in agreement with the will of God.
As we read on through succeeding chapters we cannot help but notice how Peter
dominates every section. But chapter 12: finds Peter in prison, and after his release, he
appears once more, in Acts 15: Meanwhile a new figure has arisen, introduced first as a
fanatical persecutor, but who afterwards become a zealous, though humble, follower of
the Lord. Presently, together with Barnabas, he receives a special commission from the
Holy Ghost, and finally he becomes the second dominating character of the book. Our
structure therefore must exhibit these divisions, and we put them down thus:--
A1 | 1: 1-14. The former treatise.
All that JESUS began to do and to teach.
A2 | 1: 15 - 28: 31. The present treatise.
All that Jesus continued to do and to teach,
through the ministries of PETER and PAUL.
We have observed, in passing, that Barnabas and Saul received a special commission
from the Holy Ghost in a manner somewhat parallel with the special equipment of the
twelve on the day of Pentecost: This we record as follows:--
Equipment of the TWELVE (1: 15 - 2: 13).
Equipment of BARNABAS and SAUL (13: 1-3).
Next we observe that the ministry of Peter, like the ministry of Paul, spreads in
widening circles, until, at length, both ministries terminate in prison. Without compelling
the reader to piece together every item and to weigh over every comparison, we give the
complete outline of Acts as follows, trusting that no reader will be satisfied to accept such
an important aid to our study at second hand, but that each will make it his own.