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(John 3: 35), and that Christ said, "He that loveth Me, shall be loved of My Father also"
(John 14: 21), but God's love to the world was manifested once and for all in the gift of
His Son. It is vain to look for the love of God apart from Christ. God may still make His
sun to shine upon the just and the unjust, He may still defer the long-threatened day of
vengeance, He may feed and clothe and sustain in life those who deny Him; but His love
is manifested and exhausted in Christ. To be outside of Christ, is to be outside the pale of
the love of God.
The Gift.
This bring us to the Gift: "He gave His only begotten Son." Not simply that "He gave
His Son", but His "only begotten Son". Isaac is called "the only begotten son" of
Abraham (Heb. 11: 17). (It is impossible to miss the meaning of the word "beget" in
Matt. 1: 1-16). Christ is called "the only begotten Son" for the first time in John 1: 14, in
immediate connection with the words: "The Word was made flesh."
Antichrist denies that Jesus Christ came in the flesh (I John 4: 2, 3), but the truth of
this great fact is vital to our faith. In the flesh Christ could be our Kinsman-Redeemer
(Heb. 2: 14, 15). In the flesh He could be a great High Priest (Heb. 5: 1), and could offer
the one great Sacrifice (Heb. 10: 5-10). As Man, He is the one Mediator between God and
men (I Tim. 2: 5), and, as Man, shall yet be Judge of quick and dead (John 5: 22-27). All
this and more is involved in the gift of the only begotten Son. There is no gospel,
no salvation, no life, no peace, no hope, apart from God.
The love of God, apart from Christ as the only begotten Son, could never have saved
sinful men. God so loved the world that He spared not His only begotten Son, and we
can be sure that if salvation could have been provided by any other means, or the love of
God have save apart from righteousness, Christ would not have suffered the death of the
cross. With John 3: 16 before us, we cannot but believe that it is vain to look to the
"uncovenanted love of God" for those who have loved darkness rather than light. Such
will die in the presence of the gift of life; they will starve within reach of the true bread
of heaven; they will be lost in darkness, though the true light shines:--
"There remaineth no more sacrifice for sins" (Heb. 10: 26).
"Christ . . . . . dieth no more" (Rom. 6: 9).