The Berean Expositor
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glories by such symbols of evil as "leaven", or it frustrates the apostle's insistence upon
grace without works, by misusing the parable of the "pearl" as of a seeking sinner, who
has to "sell all he has" to purchase a free salvation!
The recognition of these features had their cumulative effect, but the item above all
else that broke the shackles of tradition was the fact that expositors actually omitted one
parable. Book after book, and quotation after quotation can be read where "The seven
Parables of Matt. 13:" are spoken of with complete assurance.
Some few years before The Berean Expositor was issued a spiritual crisis in the life
of the Editor made him declare that from henceforth  he would accept no man's
statement--however learned or however good--but would bring every interpretation,
translation or structure, whatever it might be, to the touchstone of the Word. The reader
will consequently understand why this magazine was called "The Berean Expositor".
The need having arisen for an exposition of Matt. 13:, the present writer remembers
some 27 years ago taking a sheet of paper and writing the heading: "The seven Parables
of Matt. 13:" After commencing an examination of the chapter, it occurred to him that
he was allowing to pass unquestioned the number "seven", and though it appeared
foolish, he nevertheless thought it would be good to see for himself. The result was so
illuminating, and the blow to traditional teaching palpable, that not only did it prove the
commandment that "came" to the one upon whose convictions we are now commencing,
but it settled for ever the policy of the Editor as to all subsequent investigations.
Instead of seven parables, Matt. 13: contains eight. These are arranged in perfect
symmetry, and form the only true basis for their exposition. Whoever has once seen this
perfect correspondence realizes that no amount of erudition or ability will ever
compensate for its omission. As some of our readers may not possess Volume II/III
(which, however, is obtainable from the Secretary), we set out afresh the structure of
the parables of Matt. 13:, so that all may see for themselves that this disposition of
subject-matter and this enumeration of the parables is true:--