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Fundamentals of Dispensational Truth.
#86.  Numbers 16: and 17:
The Lord knoweth . . . . . depart from iniquity (II Tim. 2: 19).
pp. 24 - 28
It will be remembered that the section of Numbers that has just been before us, viz.,
11:-14:, revealed many points of analogy both with Philippians and Hebrews. There is
one other epistle that comes into line with Philippians, namely, II Timothy, and we shall
find that the next section of Numbers which we are to study (16: and 17:) is used in
II Timothy in a significant context.
Numb. 16: and 17: is in the first place an attack upon the distinctive office of the
priest, in the second place it provides a corrective against an argument often used in
opposing the distinctive character of the church, the body, and of the distinctive company
in that church who shall attain unto the prize of the high calling. This is anticipating
somewhat, so we will deal with the actual passage.
Numb. 16: and 17: must be looked upon as a whole. There are two rebellions, one
by the princes led by Korah, and the other by the people, both having reference to the
distinctive calling of the priest. The two chapters may be visualized as follows:--
Numbers. 16: and 17:
"The Lord will show who are His."
A | 16: 1-3. | a | Rebellion of Korah.
b | Gathered together against Moses and Aaron.
c | Wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above
the congregation of the Lord.
B | 16: 4. Moses fell on his face.
C | 16: 5-9. To Korah.--Take you censers--ends in death.
D | 16: 10-18. | d | Seek ye the priesthood also?
e | Take every man his censer . . . . . the tabernacle.
E | 16: 19-40.  |  f | Death and consuming for rebellion.
g | Censers a memorial "against own souls".
A | 16: 41-44. | a | Rebellion of all the congregation.
b | Gathered against Moses and Aaron.
c | Ye have killed the people of the Lord.
B | 16: 45. Moses and Aaron fell upon their faces.
C | 16: 46. To Aaron.--Take a censer--make atonement.
D | 17: 1-9. |
e | Take every one a rod . . . . . the tabernacle.
d | "I will choose" (the priesthood).
E | 17: 10-13.  |
g | Aaron's rod a token "against the rebels".
f | Death and consuming feared.
What was the basis of Korah's rebellion? Let him speak for himself:--