The Berean Expositor
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not enter the heavenly city immediately after death, no, they had to wait until the whole
of their company were raised together, the "better resurrection" referring not to the time
when it is entered, but to the prize appertaining thereto which would be presented when
the time had come.
So with Phil. 3: The out-resurrection need not take place before the resurrection and
translation of the whole Church, but it will qualify for "the prize of the high calling",
which is parallel with Caleb's additional inheritance when God's time comes.
It is not without significance that Paul's other reference to a "prize" should be most
intimately associated with Israel's failure in the wilderness (I Cor. 9: 24, 10: 13), nor
should we slight the precious lesson of the closing sentence:  "But will with the
temptation make the end (or goal), so that ye may be able to bear it."
The trials of the pilgrim path are for our future glory. He knows; therefore,
follow on.