The Berean Expositor
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"What communion hath light with darkness . . . . . . . touch not the UNCLEAN
thing . . . . . . . let us CLEANSE ourselves . . . . . . . perfecting holiness in the fear of
God" (II Cor. 6: 14 - 7: 1).
Here, as I John 1:, we have the question of the fellowship of light and the fellowship
of darkness, but instead of the primary and basic fact of the cleansing of the blood of
Christ being brought forward, the secondary and supplemental fact, namely, the
avoidance of the unclean and the cleansing of ourselves is uppermost. This is the
"perfecting" of holiness, or the carrying to its true end the initial sanctification which is
ours in Christ. John does not touch upon this aspect so particularly. He does, however,
speak of the "perfecting" of love in I John 2: 5 and 4: 17, 18.
Coming back to the first thought, "As He is" must ever be the true touchstone of
fellowship and walk. We shall be like Him, for we shall see Him "as He is". We should
be like Him even here in this world. This is the argument of 3: 2, 3 and 4: 17.
Summarizing the four phases of fellowship we find:--
Fellowship is centred in the personal Christ:  not in agreement in the
interpretation of Scripture, or membership of any particular company of
Fellowship is with the Father and the Son--nothing less--and this fellowship is
the gateway to fullness of joy.
Fellowship in its particular outworking is governed by the revelation that God is
Fellowship in the light is preserved and guaranteed by the cleansing power of
the blood of Christ, and draws its inspiration from the truth that clusters round
the words, "As He is".