The Berean Expositor
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resurrection of the church as a whole, or whether, like Caleb and Joshua, or those who
obtained the "better resurrection" of Heb. 11:, the distinctiveness does not depend upon
the question of the time at which it is entered, but upon what follows in the glory. These
things being left unexpressed in the epistles, we also would leave them undefined, but we
do earnestly ask every reader to beware of that false teaching that misuses words (as
anistemi for egeiro), and which fails to exhibit the usage of basic expressions (like ex
with anistemi or klesis, "calling", as shown in this series). Whether from ignorance, bias,
or indolence, the mischief is the same, and the subject is too vital to allow our desire for
peace to overrule the necessity to contend earnestly for the faith, if needs be.