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"The expression `for the ages of the ages' (eis tous aionas ton aionon) occurs in the
Book of the Revelation 13 times, and is distributed as follows:--
For the ages of the ages.
A | 1: 6. The kingdom of priests ascribe glory and dominion to Christ.
B | 1: 18. Christ.  Living for the ages of the ages.
C | Worshippers of God (fourfold).
a1 | 4: 9. The living creatures.
b1 | 4: 10.  The twenty-four elders.
a1 | 5: 13. Every creature.
b1 | 7: 12. All the angels.
A | 10: 6. The mighty angel.  The mystery of God finished.
B1 | 11: 15. He shall reign.
C | Worshippers of Satan (fourfold).
a2 | 14: 11.  Smoke of torment.
b2 | 15: 7. The seven angels.
a2 | 19: 3. Smoke of torment.
b2 | 20: 10. The Devil, Beast and False Prophet.
B2 | 22: 5. They shall reign.
The ages of the ages is the great converging point of all time. There the smoke ceases
to ascend, there every enemy is subjected, there the reign of the saints reaches its goal,
there in fact the Son Himself shall vacate His mediatorial throne, and having
accomplished the purpose of the ages He shall: `Deliver up the kingdom to God, even
the Father . . . . . that God may be all in all' (I Cor. 15: 24-28).
The reader will understand from the above, therefore, that any feature of promise
or prophecy that falls within the ages of the ages must be before the great act of
I Cor. 15: 24-28, and that Rev. 20: 10 and 22: 5 fall within the limits of the ages. We
are consequently in agreement with our reader, although we have not, perhaps, stated the
matter as definitely as he has.
We now turn up the "Index of Scripture References", and note that Rev. 20: 4-6 is
dealt with in Volume 14: 56.  Nothing is actually listed in the Index concerning
Rev. 20: 1-3, but it is a simple thing to go back from page 56 to the preceding article.
There on page 29, we read:--
"The thousand year reign of Christ will not be the final and perfect kingdom; it will
be preparatory."
In Volume XIV, page 56, we read:--