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Later Paul received some indications of a change, but this was before he was
commissioned to make known the great mystery. The Lord showed him the deeper
significance: it was not only a remembrance of the exodus from Egypt, but pointed
specially to the future realization of this type, the great exodus of Israel out of all nations.
As long as this was not realized, the Passover (including the Supper) had to be kept, and
was specially a proclamation of the death of the Lord, the true Passover Lamb, showing
all Israel that everything was ready for their salvation. Or course, this proclamation was
interrupted when Israel were set aside after Acts 28: and the kingdom postponed.
Notwithstanding, in our dispensation every sinner must be saved through the blood of
the Lamb, and the Jewish feast has, therefore, great significance spiritually. The blood of
Christ is still "precious". In our very life we are called upon "to show that Lord's death",
resurrection and ascension. The blood of Christ has made us "nigh" in a sense unknown
to those under the new covenant.
We believe our readers will be interested to read the above resumé of our brother's
witness in Holland, and we hope that some of the new points of view brought forward
will but confirm those who have already settled in their own mind their relation to the
memorial feast of the new covenant.