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shall thy journey be, and when wilt thou return?" The queen here mentioned in the
parenthesis is none other than Esther, who had already been instrumental in the
deliverance of her people as recorded in the book bearing her name. The presence of the
queen here is one of the links in the working out of God's purpose. Under Mordecai,
Esther saved Israel: her presence here evidently influenced Artaxerxes, and her son,
Cyrus, has his own place in the scheme, as we have seen.
The read is asked to keep this twentieth year of Artaxerxes in mind as reference will
be made to it when dealing with the seventy-sevens of Dan. 9:
The prayer of Daniel (9:---Part 2).
pp. 195 - 197
Before going further, the reader would be well advised to re-read the previous article
(page 150), so that what has already been considered shall be fresh in mind.
There is so much in this prayer, that we cannot hope to do justice either to its form or
to its subject-matter. We can only point out some of its essential features. The nature of
the section--Dan. 9: 3-19--makes any attempt at an outline difficult, but the following
will throw into prominence the main features of the petition, and will therefore be of
some service.
Dan. 9: 3-19.
A | 3. Daniel's face set unto the Lord God.
B | 4. Prayer and confession.
C | 4, 5. Covenant-keeping God. We have sinned.
D | 5-10. Rebellion.  THE PROPHETS.
a | 5. Rebellion.
b | 6. Disobedience to message of prophets.
c | 7-9. Righteousness belongeth unto the Lord.
Confusion belongeth unto us.
Mercies belong unto the Lord.
a | 9. Rebellion.
b | 10. Disobedience to message of prophets.
D | 11-14. Curse.  THE LAW.
a | 11. The curse.
b | 12. Confirmed words.
a | 13. The evil, as Moses said.
b | 14. Watched evil.
C | 15. Covenant kept of old by God. We have sinned.
B | 16, 17. Hear prayer and confession.
A | 17-19. The Lord's face to shine upon the Sanctuary.