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The first man
The second Man.
(The figure of Him Who was to come)
By man came death.
By Man came the resurrection (21).
AS in Adam all die.
EVEN SO in Christ all made alive (22).
The first Adam a living soul.
The last Adam a life-giving Spirit (45).
The first man of the earth.
The second Man, the Lord from heaven (47).
AS we have borne the image of the earthy.
We shall ALSO bear the image of the
heavenly (49).
If we limit ourselves to what is written, we shall find a full answer to the question as
to how Adam could be a figure of Christ, without making the unwarranted statement that
Adam could only have been a figure of Christ if God had intended that he should be a
priest to offer up a sacrifice for sin previously committed by earlier beings, which was a
part of the suggestion alluded to above.