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Christ Himself the Faithful Witness.
pp. 53 - 56
Throughout the twenty years ministry of The Berean Expositor it has been taken for
granted that the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God. Of late it has been impressed
upon us that we should do well to give the matter some space. There is nothing so
fundamental as the inspiration of Scripture. Apart from the Word of God we know
nothing of God, Christ, gospel, grace or glory. The ages, if they have a purpose, are
dumb concerning it; we know it not apart from revelation. Creation itself, while it bears
its limited testimony to the invisible power and deity of the Creator, never reveals to the
most patient scientist the sublime message of John 3: 16.
Those who are fully persuaded as to the inspiration of Scripture will rejoice to see
some testimony to that blessed fact in these pages, and those who are sorely pressed by
the evil age in which we live may be strengthened for the conflict by seeing more clearly
the rock foundation of our faith. We believe that we should in our day and generation
give our witness concerning this vital subject.
Having concluded that it is a right and necessary thing to do, we have next to consider
by what means we shall seek the truth concerning the inspiration of Scripture.
It is open to us to attempt to prove the inspiration of Scripture a priori, that is by
demonstrating the necessity for an inspired revelation to be authoritative in matters so
vital and far-reaching. We might first of all wade through the sea of proofs that belong to
the question of the canonicity of the books that make up the Scriptures. We might
attempt an argument based on the marvels of prophetic fulfillment, the sublimity of
scriptural doctrine, the mighty sweep of the purpose of the ages. We pass all these by,
however, for an argument that is nearer to the heart of things.
The readers of these pages are not infidels but believers--believers in Christ, and we
know no argument so final or so full as a presentation of what the Lord Jesus Christ
Himself taught concerning the truth, accuracy and authority of the Scriptures. If we
admit that He could possibly be mistaken in this or any matter, all argument is at an end.
What do we care whether Moses is fact or fiction if Christ be fallible? How does it
concern us that Paul held such ravishing views of the person and glory of his Lord, if that
Lord did not know a tithe of what the youngest student in our Higher Critical Colleges
takes for granted? For us in this matter, as in all others, Christ is all, and we are fully
prepared to allow the whole question of the inspiration and authority of Scripture to be
settled for us by the attitude and teaching of our Lord:--
"The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord. It is enough for
the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord" (Matt. 10: 24, 25).