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When we examine Rom. 5: 12 - 8: 39, it is evident that we are pursuing a very
different phase of truth from that which occupies Rom. 1: - 5: 11. In the opening section
the words "faith" and "believe" occur 35 times, whereas there is but one reference to
them in the whole inner section 5: 12 - 8: 39, and that in quite a different sense from
the doctrinal use in 1:-4: "We believe that we shall live with Him" (Rom. 6: 8). This is
because we are dealing, not with faith, but with headship, representation, and
identification. Adam's sin and death cover me with all their hopeless misery, whether I
"believe" it or not, and Christ is the new Head of all the true seed, quite irrespective of
their faith. Faith lays hold of added blessings; it has to do with sins committed, not the
one sin of Adam, and with reigning in life. But of all this we shall see more presently.
Some find a place of blessing in the millennial kingdom, corresponding to those who
"reign in life". Some are not raised from the dead until the thousand years are finished,
yet it is evident from Rev. 20: that some of these have their names in the book of life,
even though they have missed the reign.  Personal overcoming is connected with
reigning, whether in Rev. 20: or in Rom. 6:-8:, and we need to distinguish things
that differ if we are fully to understand the great work of the Lord.
Let us not allow doctrine belonging to other aspects of our need to intrude into
Rom. 5: There we are prepared to learn the truth concerning the "one man", whether of
Adam, and his legacy of sin and death, or of Christ, and His blessed legacy of
righteousness and life. Let us be glad and rejoice that "because of this,"--the great
principle of reconciliation--God shut up all the seed in Adam's guilt that He might just
as surely shut them all up in Christ's righteousness.