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No remedy.
p. 92
We are already aware of the two lines of teaching that are discovered by viewing the
epistles of Paul  (1)  canonically (i.e., in the order that they appear in the New
Testament), and (2) chronologically (i.e., in the order in which they were written).
A lesson that may be of help is also discovered by considering the last page of the
Old Testament canonically, Malachi, the last of the prophets, is the last of the
Old Testament, and his closing theme is the second coming of Christ, the Sun of
righteousness, together with the forerunner, Elijah.
The last book of the Old Testament according to the Hebrew canon is II Chronicles,
and upon the last page thereof we read the solemn words: "till there was no remedy"
(36: 16).
Surely the opening words of the new Testament may be placed in blessed contrast
with this sad ending:--
"The book of the generation of Jesus Christ . . . . . Thou shalt call His name JESUS;
for He shall save His people from their sins" (Matt. 1: 1-21).
Here, in the gift of His only begotten Son, is God's remedy for Israel's utter failure,
and not for theirs only, but for the world also.
This note is necessarily brief, but sufficient may have been suggested to encourage our
hearts, and maybe provide a theme for Bible Class or Sunday School worker.