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A review, and sign of the times.
"The Royal Religion, a call to the Nations."
pp. 13-15
A book entitled, "The Royal Religion, a call to the Nations" has been sent for review.
In the ordinary way we should not give the book the space of a single line of type, but
realizing that readers may profit by having their attention directed to these signs of the
times, we draw attention to the following features:--
The cover of the book bears "The sign of the Royal Name", which is the word
HATOV, arranged as a cross. Hatov is just Hebrew for "The Good", and is used
throughout this book for God. The message of the book purports to be a series of visions
given from heaven to "a devout man, a dreamer of dreams, who prayed continually for
the consummation and the perfection of the kingdom of God upon earth". This prayer, so
fully in line with the purpose of God, is likely to attract the attention of the Lord's people,
and may entrap the unwary. We therefore draw attention to the following questions,
which provide an acid test not only for this "Religion", but for all:--
What is the attitude of this "Religion" to Scripture? "The Holy Book, the Mother of
three Great Religious denominations--Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism"
(page 8).
What is its attitude to Christ? In the sixty pages of this book "Christ" does not occur
ONCE! Not until we reach page 49 is the Lord mentioned at all, and then He is
called "Jesus, the Prophet of Nazareth". This is the only reference to the Saviour and
Son of God.
What is its attitude to atonement, the cross, the resurrection, and the second coming
of Christ? The "Royal Religion" knows nothing at all about these fundamentals.
There is no need for us to go further--here is the gospel of Cain, and one of the many
fore-runners of Antichrist. This will be readily seen by comparing Gen. 3: 5, "Ye shall
be as God", and II Thess. 2: 3, 4, "The man of sin . . . . . as God", with the following
"The supreme being on earth--the human race" (page 21).
"Man . . . . . the visible Creator and King on Earth" (pages 21, 57).
"The man ascended the throne which was erected on the right hand of the Holy
Throne of God. And the seven patron Angels surrounded him and crowned him as
Visible Creator and King on earth; . . . . . made a little less than Divine, and crowned
with glory and honour and made him Creator and trustee of His kingdom of Earth"
(pages 30, 31).
Notice that all this is without the personal return or reign of the Lord Jesus Christ
(I Cor. 15: 24-28).