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All spiritual blessings.
A criticism of the term "super-heavenly".
pp. 29 - 31
The reason for which The Berean Expositor exists is to make known the special
revelation of God's grace to the Gentiles during this dispensation of the mystery, and,
in harmony with this intention, is the fact that, during a period of fourteen years, the
epistles to the Ephesians has been given a systematic study.  Its words have been
examined, its structure discovered, and some of its heights and depths acknowledged,
though they remain unscaled and unfathomed. The fact that we have brought this serial
exposition to a close does not mean that henceforth the epistle to the Ephesians is a
shelved book, but rather that now the analytical study has been concluded the more
spiritual study may begin. There are many wondrous and mighty themes that have been
dealt with verbally that need a closer consideration now that the spade work has been
done. The house is built, the furniture is in place, and we must now move in and take
A question that lies at the very threshold, and one that seriously colours the whole of
our present life here on earth, is, In what way are "all spiritual blessings" a present
possession? Is Satan, together with Principalities and Powers, at this moment, actually
and merely potentially, beneath the feet of the believer? Are we now, at this moment,
actually "seated together in the heavenly places"?  Is the new creation already our
present, personal enjoyment? Can we, by virtue of union with Christ, Who is at the right
hand of God, and by the operation of the law of the spirit of life, can we command the
withdrawal from our sphere of disease, the curse, and the limitations associated with the
presence here of sin and death? Is our attitude to be one of "reigning"? Should we speak
of our position as "on the throne"? These, and such like questions, are not inventions of
the writer; they are actually propounded by many earnest believers, and in many cases
the answer has been, that all these things are ours here and now.
It has been the aim and the prayer of those responsible for this magazine to stand for
all the truth of God for His saints, and therefore these questions challenge the very object
for which we exist. It is our intention, by the grace of God, to consider these and similar
points in this series to which we have given the title, "All spiritual blessings".
Closely allied with "all spiritual blessings" is its sphere, "heavenly places". This
sphere we have considered in its place, and have seen that there is a threefold sphere of
blessing in the purpose of God: (1) the earth, (2) the heavens, and (3) the heavenly
places, far above all. For this third sphere we have used the term "super-heavenlies" in
recognition of certain scriptural facts connected with it. While we believe most readers
appreciate the fitness of this expression as embracing in itself the scripturally-revealed
features belonging to it, some have nevertheless challenged its appropriateness. We
therefore feel that in this introductory article the true meaning of "in heavenly places"
and the suitableness of the term "super-heavenlies" should be considered.