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Specially for Young People.
Talks on the way.
pp. 113 - 117
At the London meetings conducted by the Editor, six meetings in the year are devoted
to the instruction and help of the Young People who attend. These are held on the second
Sunday of the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November, in which,
of course, all ages are welcome. It has been felt that a wider circle of Young People, or
those who have such under their care, would appreciate notes of these meetings. We
accordingly commend them to the earnest prayerful use of all readers.
The way that seemeth right
Life is a journey. The Scriptures are full of references to this journey. Figures of the
pathway, the guide, the provision, the dangers meet one everywhere. Psalm 23: has
much to say about the way, so has Moses in the Pentateuch, the Lord in the Gospels,
and Paul in the Epistles. Let us learn something for our help and blessing concerning
"the way".
The way.
The whole scheme of Christian doctrine and practice is called "the way", especially in
the Acts of the Apostles.
"If he found any of THE WAY (see margin) . . . . . bring them bound unto Jerusalem"
(Acts 9: 2).
"Divers were hardened, and believed not, but spake evil of THE WAY before the
multitude" (Acts 19: 9).
"At the same time there arose no small stir about THE WAY" (Acts 19: 23).
"I persecuted THIS WAY unto the death" (Acts 22: 4).
"After THE WAY which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my father"
(Acts 29: 14).
"Felix . . . . . having more perfect knowledge of THE WAY, deferred" (Acts 24: 22).
Added to the simple expression "the way" we find in the Acts several explanatory
terms, such as:--
right ways of the Lord" (13: 10).
way of salvation" (16: 17).
way of the Lord" (18: 25).
way of God" (18: 26).
These titles are expanded and expounded in the epistles, but before we turn to their
teaching we must realize the character and end of "man's way" so that we may the better
appreciate "the right ways of the Lord".