The Berean Expositor
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That this restraining of the truth is willful, and not out of pitiable ignorance (cf. I Tim. 1: 13), is seen in
the immediate context. The next verse commences with the word ., because," and goes on to show that
there has been on the part of God a revelation of Himself of sufficient clearness to make idolatry a definite
perversion. With this rejection of what might be known of God came the awful descent into the slough of
uncleanness that is so vividly portrayed by the apostle, and by the writers of his own day. What was true of
the Gentiles was only too true, alas, of Israel also. This we shall see more clearly as we proceed. Enough
for the moment if we begin to realize the utter and abject need that the world had of that provision of
righteousness which is the glory of the gospel and which, as the apostle said, was the power of God unto
What the Lord revealed to the nations, how He revealed it, and their subsequent attitude we must
consider in our next paper. Let us meanwhile be grateful that though children of wrath, even as the rest,
grace has saved us, and instead of being dominated by the lie, we have learned the truth as it is in Jesus.