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The golden lampstand (Exod. 25: 31-40).
Unity in witness.
pp. 84 - 89
If it be true, as we sought to show in our last article, that the holy place is connected
with worship and service, that will be true not only as it relates to the table of shewbread,
but as it relates to the golden lampstand. The word candlestick is misleading. No candles
were used, but oil for the lamps is specifically mentioned:--
"And thou shalt make the seven lamps thereof" (Exod. 25: 37).
"Oil for the light" (Exod. 25: 6).
"Pure olive oil beaten for the light" (Exod. 27: 20).
"Not by might, nor by power."
There is a chapter in Zechariah that deals so pointedly with the symbolism of this
golden lampstand, that to attempt an interpretation of Exod. 25: before first considering
this passage would be to insult the Author of Scripture, therefore, let us turn to Zech. 4:
Here we have one of a series of visions, all concerned with one object, the fulfilling of
the age-abiding covenant, whose memorial or reminder we have seen was found in the
twelve loaves of presence, the shewbread. These visions are eight in number, and occupy
chapters 1:-6:, a new section of the prophecy commencing with chapter 7: Readers of
The Companion Bible will notice a light change in the structure of these visions, as we
feel that there is no warrant for uniting the sixth and seventh as one member.
The eight visions of Zech. 1:-6:
A | 1: 7-17. The horses. "My house shall be built." "The Lord shall yet choose Jerusalem."
B | 1: 18-21. The horns and the smiths. Gentile oppressors and deliverers.
C | 2: 1-13. Measure Jerusalem; breadth and length.
"Jerusalem shall be inhabited." His eye.
D | 3: 1-7. The high priest. "The Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem."
E | 3: 8-10. My servant the Branch. "Every man under his vine and fig."
Seven eyes.
D | 4: 1-14. The lampstand. The laying of the foundation of the house. Eyes.
C | 5: 1-4. The flying roll; length and breadth.
"Zion that dwelleth with Babylon."
B | 5: 5-11. The ephah. Gentile dominion. "Build it an house."
A | 6: 1-8. The chariots. The four spirits of the heavens. Judgment.
E | 6: 9-15. The man whose name is the Branch. Temple and throne.