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When the Lord Jesus took the cup on that passover feast, and said, "This is My blood
of the new covenant", it was a direct fulfillment both of type of the passover covenant,
and the prophecy of the new covenant of Jeremiah.
I Cor. 10:, 11:, and the wilderness.
Another objection is based upon the fact that I Cor. 10:, which speaks of the cup, the
Lord's table, and the broken bread, relates to the wilderness and not to the passover. In
Exod. 12: 12-14 we read:--
"I will pass over you . . . . . and this day shall be unto you for a MEMORIAL."
while in I Cor. 11: 24 we find the words:--
"This do in REMEMBRANCE of Me."
It was quite impossible to "remember" as a memorial feast the passover in Egypt until
it was an accomplished fact, and it would have been equally impossible for the twelve
apostles to have "remembered" the Lord's death at that first "Lord's Supper", for that
death had not then taken place. But as the years succeeded their exodus from Egypt, so
the memorial feast was spread, and as the occasion was seized, the new covenant saints
of the early church showed forth the Lord's death while they waited for "the hope of
Israel" which covered the Acts (see Acts 28: 20), and therefore included the hope
expressed in the words "till He come".
We are grateful for the query, for it has enabled us to see the connection of passover
and covenant more clearly than before. Criticism is welcomed, for we can do nothing
against the truth.