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"There is one that accuseth you, even Moses in whom ye trust. For had ye believed
Moses, ye would have believed ME: for he wrote of ME" (John 5: 45, 46).
Faith in the Scriptures can only bring salvation because of the fact that its testimony is
concerning Christ. II Tim. 3: 15 does not say that the Scriptures save, but that they are
able to make wise unto salvation through faith that is in Christ Jesus. So that believing
the word, like believing the signs, leads to believing the Saviour and receiving His
Can you think of any words that are used as parallels or synonyms of faith?
A.--We have already referred to John 1: 12, there we read "as many as received Him"
placed over against "them that believe on His name", so receiving is a synonym for
B.--This synonym is found again in John 3: 11, "ye receive not our witness". So also
3: 32, 33. You must seek for others yourself.
Looking now at the antonyms or opposites to faith, we notice that Heb. 10: 39 places
"drawing back" in opposition to "believing". John 12: 47, 48 places "believing" and
"rejecting" in opposition. A vast field lies before us in the epistles of Paul, which we can
only mention but not investigate here.
It will not be difficult to reconcile believing with receiving, or seeing that its opposite
is drawing back and rejection, for the faith that accepts the testimony concerning the
Saviour must necessarily accept the way of salvation.
A.--I see clearly that Scripture does not raise the question as to what faith is so much as
Who is the object of faith. I know I have believed, and I know Whom I have believed,
and there I gratefully rest, praying now for grace to live by faith even as in the first case I
receive life through faith in His name.
[N.B.--The reader is notified that there is no intention of presenting a systematic view of
any one phase of truth, but rather a series of helpful talks upon various subjects that
exercise the minds of believers. There is much to be said concerning faith of a profound
character that could not be dealt with in these little talks. The reader must look for such
notes in the more serious expositions given in our pages.]