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Words in Season.
Dispensational problems are not to the fore in this series. We address
ourselves rather to those elementary problems of doctrine and practice that
present themselves to those who have started the pilgrim pathway. It will
not be possible to avoid controversial topics entirely, otherwise hardly a
single teaching of Scripture would be left to us.  In order to avoid
misunderstanding, let us say that "A" does not represent any particular
individual, but we trust that should the case be applicable to any reader at
any time, such applicability will be accepted as indicating a "word in
#1.  Faith.
Faith says Amen to God.
pp. 97 - 99
A.--I do not wish you to think that I question the truth of Scripture or the power of God,
but I am somewhat mystified by the many kinds of "faith" that are spoken of in
theological writings. I read of "historic faith", and "saving faith" and other descriptions
of faith, but I do not seem to have a clear and simple conception as to what faith really is.
B.--In the first place I think you will find that Scripture stresses the thought of what we
are to believe, rather than discusses how we believe, although it does speak of that too.
Without attempting to justify or explain the following statement, I have come to the
conclusion that the language of revelation and of doctrine is not primarily N.T Greek,
but O.T Hebrew, and that it is dangerous to build up a theory upon the etymology of
Greek words without continually checking it by the Hebrew equivalent. We may look
into this matter upon some future occasion.
A.--I do not pretend to understand your meaning, do you propose answering my question
from the O.T.?
B.--While it would be manifestly absurd to ignore the teaching of the N.T. upon such a
subject as faith, yet the primary significance of the term may be discovered in the Hebrew
word that is employed in the O.T. Will you tell me where the word "believe" first occurs
in the O.T.?
A.--(Using a concordance).--I find the first occurrence to be Gen. 15: 6:--
"And he believed in the Lord; and He counted it to him for righteousness."
B.--What is the Hebrew word there translated "believe"?