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gives about 12 miles for the length of one of the square sides. By comparing this
dimension with that given in  Ezek. 48: 35,  "round about eighteen thousand
measures", we get helpful confirmation. The measure here is a "reed", and measures
"six great cubits".
The sacred cubit is given by some as 25 inches, which gives 46 miles for the
circumference of the city. Divided by four this gives 11-1/2 miles for the one side,
which is very near to the 12 miles suggested above, especially if an outer wall had to be
reckoned in addition. The height of the wall 144 cubits, or 100 yards, is proportionate
to a city twelve miles in height, but is not so obviously proportional to either 1,500 or
375 miles.
While we are prepared to believe that the new Jerusalem will be 1,500 miles in
height, length and breadth if Scripture reveals such to be the case, we realize that it is not
an act of faith nor is it to the glory of God to be merely credulous. A city twelve miles
square is a reasonable proposition, and twelve miles in height would give it worldwide
domination. We cannot see that any liberties have been taken with the text in arriving at
this interpretation, and we therefore feel that our readers should have the benefit of it.
We tender our hearty thanks to the Editor of "THE FAITH" for this suggestive article.