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The Priest and the Mystery.
p. 159
The question sometimes arises in the mind of the reader, What has the priesthood of
Christ to do with the church of the mystery? A word may therefore be of service here. It
is a fact that priesthood is not spoken of Christ in Ephesians or the other prison epistles,
but we must beware of the inference that would set aside the priestly work of Christ, the
reasons being as follows.
Ephesians speaks of Christ's sacrifice as an offering and a sweet-smelling savour;
Ephesians speaks of making us nigh by the blood of Christ; Ephesians speaks of access
with boldness. Let us not mistake the shadow for the substance. Whatever blessing there
may be for the believer in the work of the high priest, that blessing shorn of all typical
and temporary characteristics is as much the privileged possession of the church of the
one body as is the efficacy and preciousness of the great sacrifice for sin.