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In this article we have seen the short sharp work of judgment that falls before the
kingdom can be set up. We are mindful that our salvation is by grace, and that vengeance
belongs to the Lord. It is however a comfort to know that these awful leaders of such
high handed rebellion are not to go on for ever. The day of the Lord is said to come as a
"destruction from the Almighty", and it is said that "He shall destroy the sinners out of
it". Then the Lord shall cause to cease the arrogance of the proud and the loftiness of
tyrants (Isa. 13: 6-13). It is evident that all things that offend shall be gathered out
before the righteous can shine in the kingdom of their Father.
[NOTE: * - A millennium simply means "a thousand", cf. millimeter, millipede, etc.
There is no special sanctity about the word.]
The Millennium; its Character (20: 4-6).
pp. 56 - 59
The word millennium simply means "a thousand", and the millennial reign of Christ is
that reign which lasts a thousand years. The millennial reign is bounded at its two
extremes by a series of events which indicate the peculiar character of that kingdom.
At the beginning.
At the close.
1. Satan bound for 1000 years.
1. Satan loosed when 1000 years finish.
2. Nations deceived no more until 1000
2. Nations deceived after 1000 years
years finish.
3. Thrones and judgment given to saints.
3. The camp of the saints encompassed.
4. The first resurrection. Priests of God
4. The resurrection of the rest of the
and of Christ.
When we read the writings of men on prophecy we are liable to be carried away by
their descriptions of this kingdom, and to ascribe much of the blessedness and glory that
belong to a later period to this one of the 1000 years. Coming to the Revelation itself
with all the high hopes implanted by conferences and prophetic literature, the reader is
apt to feel somewhat disappointed. Here in Rev. 20: is no glowing description of that
kingdom, no details of its blessedness or its beauty. Satan is bound certainly, but the very
verse that tells us so goes straight on to say
"After that he must be loosed a little season" (Rev. 20: 4).
The millennium ends exactly as every other dispensation has ended, i.e., in failure.
This one fact enables us to see that instead of understanding this kingdom to be the
beginning of the Lord's work of power and glory, it is to be understood rather as the last
of His dealings with men. The millennial kingdom finds its basis in the words of
Exod. 19: 3-6:--
"Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel: Ye have
seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought