The Berean Expositor
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p. 94
In connection with the reply we gave to a correspondent in this Country in regard to
Harmonies of the Gospels (see page 62), we have been encouraged by receiving the
following from India:--
"The Berean Expositor is a very great help to all Bible Students. I cannot but be a
subscriber to it.
Just at the time of the receipt of the April Number, I was busily engaged in
translating Tatian's Diatessaron into Mulayalam, I had already finished as far as
page 81 (Hamlyn Hills Translation): `Answers to Correspondents' on the same
subject I believe was a message to me, and therefore I made a stop to my labour.
Now I find rest. I am freed from my anxieties and difficulties. An attempt to
harmonize the Gospels made me to doubt in the verbal inspiration of the Scripture."