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B.--Yes, and it testifies against all those who seek to place Paul among the twelve, for his
knowledge of Christ did not commence until after the resurrection.  Let us briefly
indicate one or two further points in favour of Peter's action.
Scripture declares of Matthias, "He was numbered with the eleven" (Acts 1: 26). Our
"great and good" friends declare he was not. Paul says, in I Cor. 15: 5, "He was seen of
Cephas, then of the twelve". So Paul himself believed that Matthias was one of the
"twelve". Our friends must therefore set about correcting Paul also. Then, further, when
Matthias had been appointed, nothing further is recorded until the descent of the Spirit on
the day of Pentecost. Do these great and good leaders dare to teach that the Spirit of God
also needed a little of their correction! for exactly the same words "with the eleven"
occur after as before Pentecost.
These inspired men suffered persecution and even death for their testimony, yet never
once is there the slightest indication that they had made a mistake. Shall Peter be
allowed to strike Ananias and Sapphira dead for "lying to Holy Ghost", and shall Peter
himself perpetuate a fraud, remain unrepentant and indifferent to his colossal blunder,
and not come forward at the appointment of Saul of Tarsus to make amends? One
passage of Scripture sums up the attitude of mind of all those who by reason of their
undispensational views are continually finding fault with the apostles and their ministry:-
"Full well ye reject commandment of God, that ye may keep your own traditions
. . . . . making the Word of God of none effect through your tradition" (Mark 7: 9-13).
The two-fold ministry of Paul, and its bearing upon
the revealed purpose of God for the Gentiles.
pp. 97 - 99
No.1 of this series shows that John 16: 12-14 indicates the epistles, and
No.2 proves that both gospels and epistles are equally inspired.