The Berean Expositor
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There are several features in these two passages that are far reaching in their bearing
upon doctrine:--
1. THE PERSON.--Matthew records the title "The Son of Man"; Paul writing by the
same inspiration speaks of "The One Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ
2. THE OFFERING.--In both passages it is the Lord who "gives". Matthew records
the Lord as saying, "The Son of Man came to give His life". Paul says, "Who gave
Himself". "Life" in Matt. 20: 28 is psuche, usually rendered "soul".
3. THE RANSOM.--Matthew uses the word lutron. Paul uses the word antilutron.
Matthew follows lutron by the word anti (translated "for"), Paul follows antilutron by the
word huper (translated "for").
4. THE RANSOMED.--The ransom of Matt. 20: is anti pollon, "for many", the
ransom of I Tim. 2: is huper panton, "for all". Each of these items demands careful
study. To get down to the bed rock upon which they rest will necessitate a painstaking
search into the Word of truth.