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Made known in other ages.
Revealed now to apostles and prophets, including Paul.
The threefold fellowship of the Gentiles.
Revealed in the special gospel of Paul.
Given to him to the exclusion of others.
Isaiah, when he penned the 53rd chapter of his prophecy, entered in some degree into
the "mystery of Christ" and shared with Paul, Peter and others that blessed truth. David
too, when he wrote Psa. 22:, perceived the sacred secret of Christ's rejection.
But neither Isaiah, David, nor Peter had any knowledge of the terms of the mystery as
revealed in Eph. 3: 6. That was hidden by God. It constituted a part of the purpose of
the ages, but was a part, pertaining to the heavenly section, which had never been made
A fuller examination of 3: 6 must be reserved for our next paper.
Sphere and Character of Blessing (Eph. 3: 5, 6).
pp. 118 - 121
It is difficult to decide between the A.V. rendering of Eph. 3: 5, which joins the
words en pneumati (by the spirit) to the apostles and prophets, thereby declaring the
source of their inspiration, and the alternative rendering which makes the words "in
spirit" commence the statement as to the threefold fellowship of the Gentiles.
Matt. 22: 43 supplies an instance where en pneumati is used of inspiration, "How
then doth David in spirit call him Lord?" Rom. 8: 9 supplies an instance where the
words are used not of inspiring apostles and prophets, but as indicating a sphere of
blessing. "You are not in flesh, but in spirit." The general trend of the context and the
recognition of the canon that the apostle's style allows of no superfluous words causes
every sentence to be pregnant with meaning. No item can be eliminated without injury to
the sense and teaching. The question of inspiration is not in view. Whatever had been
made known of the subject under discussion, either to Paul or to the other apostles, had
been "revealed" which carries with it the thought of inspiration.
On the other hand a change of sphere is a feature which the apostle emphasizes in this
epistle. Its blessings are "in the heavenlies" and "in Christ". Its practical outworkings
are "in the Lord", and the special feature with which Eph. 3: 6 is in direct contrast is
given in Eph. 2: 11, en sarki "in flesh". In verse 12 another sphere is mentioned "in the
In the world
is contrasted with
in the heavenlies.
In flesh
is set over against
in spirit.