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economy from that which fills the vision of the prophets of old. Enemies are still abroad,
and those that curse and hate. In the great prayer taught by the Lord to His disciples, the
kingdom is still future. They pray, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is
in heaven". Those addressed still "fasted", and had the possibility of serving "two
masters". The kingdom of God is to be the first object of their seeking, and "evil" is still
to be expected day by day. "Dogs" and "swine" may still turn and rend those who
indiscriminately dispense holy things, and those addressed are still in the condition that
can be spoken of like this, "If ye then, being evil, etc." False prophets will still deceive,
and some still build upon sand.
We cannot reconcile the general tenor of the teaching of these three Chapters with the
conception of those with whom in the main we agree, viz., that the Sermon on the Mount
gives us the laws of the kingdom. Rather do we see a persecuted, waiting people,
suffering during the absence of their rightful king, sustained by the hope that, when He
comes and the kingdom is set up, they will then receive their great reward which is in
heaven, awaiting the day when they, the meek, shall inherit the earth.
We have dealt with the subject negatively in order to free ourselves from the tradition
mentioned above. We can now approach the passage to search and see as true Bereans
its purpose and place in the Gospel of the kingdom.