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"Ye shall not see Me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is He that cometh in the
Name of the Lord" (23: 39).
Israel, now blind, shall yet see Him. He shall yet "sit upon the throne of His glory"
(25: 31). His title, Son of David, carries this pledge with it, and His title as David's
Lord ensures that this pledge will be fulfilled.
We drew attention to the picture of Israel's blindness in the blind men who cried to the
Saviour for mercy, and the reader, with 22: 42 in mind, will appreciate the prophetic
hint in the added title "Lord" in the confession of the second pair of blind men who cried
for mercy to the Son of David.
The nine occurrences of the title "Son of David" form a group of seven items as
A | 1: 1. Jesus Christ, the Son of David (cf. 1: 23).
B | a | 9: 27. Two blind men. Israel.
b | 12: 23. The people's confession. The leader's opposition.
C | 15: 22. Gentile misuse of the title.
B | a | 20: 30, 31. Two blind men. Israel.
b | 21: 9, 15. The people's confession. The leaders' opposition.
A | 22: 42-45. The Son of David is David's Lord (cf. Rev. 22: 16).
The two groups are dispensationally suggestive. The blind men are grouped with
Israel. In each case the leaders of the people, blind leaders of the blind as they were, led
Israel into the ditch of rejection.
#3.  The Three Great Discourses.
5:-7:, 13:, and 24: & 25:
pp. 130 - 132
There are three outstanding discourses in the Gospel according to Matthew which
must be considered together:--
The Teaching given on the Mountain (5:-7:).
The Parables given at the Sea side (13:).
The Prophecy on the Mountain (24:, 25:).
each discourse having the kingdom prominently in view.
In the Sermon on the Mount the opening beatitudes speak of the kingdom of heaven.
The question of being least and great in that kingdom, and of entering into it is spoken of
in the opening chapter. In chapter 6: the prayer given to the disciples as a pattern
includes the prayer for the coming of the kingdom, and the kingdom of God is to be
sought above all else. Chapter 7: reverts to the theme of entry into the kingdom.