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Teacher--Inspiration. What other words do you know which have any relation to the
word Inspire?
Scholar--Respire . . . . . Perspire . . . . . Transpire.
Teacher--Yes, all have something to do with BREATHING. Perhaps you would
like to know the actual word used in II Tim. 3: 16. It is Theopneustia.
The part of the word I want you to look at is connected with Pneuma,
which is the word Spirit. Do you know any words having the word
Pneuma in them?
Teacher--Surely some boy or girl has a bicycle--
Scholar--(The light having dawned by this suggestion) Pneumatic!
Teacher--Yes, and is a pneumatic tyre solid?
Scholar--No. It has to be inflated with AIR.
Teacher--So then we come back to the meaning of inspiration. All Scripture is
given by inspiration of God, means all the WRITTEN Word is
We will not pursue this method further, as we trust the idea has been conveyed. The
foundation of truth cannot be too truly laid, and nothing is more disastrous than early
misconceptions. Sympathy with the child's mind and view point is all important, and the
most advanced students and teachers will find the teaching of the child to be their greatest
While the words of II Tim. 2: 2 "apt to teach" may not strictly apply here, the fact
that they are to be found there shows that something more than faithfulness is necessary
to qualify for satisfactory teaching.  The word "Scripture" may be merely a pious
shibboleth--once to realize it means "that which is written" is important knowledge.
The Superintendent summarized this address in the language of the school child.
"Scripture is Dictation, not Composition". That sentence, intelligible to any school boy,
expresses much more than "The plenary and verbal inspiration of Scripture".
[NOTE: * - This third item was not brought forward on this particular occasion as we
were confining ourselves to the Inspiration of Scripture.
† - We have purposely included this lack of response in order to show how the
answer may still be called forth from the child. Only as a last resource
should the answer be given by the teacher, and when this is done, let
the teacher recognize that he has failed in that one particular, and so be
led to seek grace to help.]