The Berean Expositor
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back there too. On the other hand we must be prepared to offer whatever the Lord shall
demand. We may be prepared to offer money, but hold back time. We may be pleased to
pray, but not to labour. That is a spirited expression that it would do us good to repeat
occasionally--not an hoof. Separateness must ever be offensive to the world, and will
never be understood or tolerated.
Moses demanded that Israel should serve God:--
In the wilderness.
A three days' journey.
All should go.
Not an hoof left behind.
Pharaoh suggested that they could serve their God just as well and with far less
inconvenience if they either remained:--
In the land.
Not very far off.
Only men went.
Flocks and herds left behind.
These four items teach us that true worship is connected with a pilgrim walk, is on
resurrection ground, that it comprehends all saints, and embraces all we have and are.
These four items fill out the word "Saint"; anything less "comes short of the glory of