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was himself a new creature, but did not at that time come under a dispensation that
eradicated all the distinctions between himself and Israel. In the dispensation of the
Mystery dispensation echoes doctrine, the anomaly has vanished, the new creation has
extended to "the both", and has united Jew and Gentile in one new man, so making
The position may be set out thus:--
New Creation.
Jew first. Wild Olive.
New Creation.
II Cor. 5: 17.
Rom. 1: 16.
Gal. 6: 15.
Rom. 3: 1, 2.
Eph. 2: 15.
Eph. 2: 10.
Rom. 9: 3-5.
Eph. 3: 6.
Eph. 4: 24.
Rom. 11: 17-26.
Col. 3: 10, 11.
The step forward is indicated in Eph. 2: 15. There the new man that is created is not
that which is connected with the salvation and justification of a sinner by grace. This
new man is created in Christ "of the twain", that is of Jewish and Gentile believers. This
brings dispensational position level with the doctrinal position; in both the flesh is
eliminated, both are connected with reconciliation. In II Cor. 5: the new creature is the
doctrinal outcome of the first sphere of reconciliation. In Eph. 2: 15, 16 the new man
created in Himself is the outcome of the further reconciliation there brought in.
The difference between the two periods may be seen if set out thus:--
Before Acts 28:
Doctrine.--"In Christ";
Dispensation.--"With faithful Abraham."
After Acts 28:
Doctrine.--"In Christ";
Dispensation.--"With Christ."
The dispensational position of
I Thess. 4: 13-18.
pp. 61 - 63
Each chapter in this epistle speaks of the Lord's coming. It is of such importance, that
it is indicated as the one thing for which the redeemed wait while serving God; "they wait
for His Son out of the heavens" (I Thess. 1: 10). Chapters 2:, 3:, 4:, and 5: give this
Coming one name--The Parousia. The word "coming" is not a good rendering, rather is
it His arrival--His "Personal Presence"--that the word indicates.
The apostle tells the Thessalonians practically what he told the Corinthans:--
"We shall not all sleep" (I Cor. 15: 51).
"For this we say unto you in a word of the Lord, that we, the living who are left to the
Coming of the Lord, will by no means precede those who fell asleep" (I Thess. 4: 15).