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Answers to Correspondents.
pp. 63, 64
No. 26.--R.J.100: writes. "I am seeking light on the question of the hope of
the mystery Church. I see clearly the `Thessalonian' hope was entirely
contingent upon Israel's repentance. I would ask:--
1. Is this held in abeyance till Israel is taken up again in God's purpose, or
has it completely passed. All the Thessalonian saints died and of course
await resurrection. To what? The Air, the New Jerusalem or the
2. I am searching (but cannot find it revealed) for the meeting place of the
Head and the Body, which I presume must take place somewhere before
the manifestation of Christ and we with Him (Col. 3: 4).
3. The Apocalypse Scriptures I take it deal with the unveiling of Christ's
glory, to us and others."
(1).  Hope is the realization of one's calling.  It is "the hope of your calling".
Whatever therefore constitutes the calling of any believer now by faith, will be fulfilled
to him when hope is realized. Consequently those Thessalonian saints who fell asleep
believing the words and teaching of I Thess. 4:, will be found among those who being
"the dead in Christ shall rise first", and share with the living saints the joy of meeting the
descending Lord in the air. This will not take place until Israel once more are taken up
by God and the two epistles to the Thessalonians will be "dispensational truth" once more
(see II Thess. 2: for its association with the Day of the Lord, Antichrist and the Book of
the Revelation).
The mention of the New Jerusalem as an alternative shows that it is not realized that
entry of that city is more of the nature of a "prize" than of hope (see Heb. 11: 16;
22: 22, 23; Rev. 22: 5, 14).
The "super-heavenlies" do not come within the hope revealed to the Thessalonians.
They waited for God's Son FROM HEAVEN.
(2). This search is likely to be a long one, for so far as our knowledge of the epistles
is concerned we do not remember any indication being made as to where the meeting
place will be. Our attention is rather focused upon being manifested with Him in glory.
(3). By the "Apocalypse Scriptures" we suppose is meant those epistles and the
Revelation itself which use the word "Apocalypse" of the Lord's second Coming?
Seeing that this word is never used in connection with the hope of the One Body, it is
wise for us to keep the two aspects of the Lord's Coming distinct. If "the unveiling of
Jesus Christ" is set forth in Rev. 19: 11-21 then it is not to us, however much we may,
in spirit, rejoice in the prospect. The key to understanding our hope is in Eph. 1: 17, 18:--