The Berean Expositor
Volume 11 - Page 138 of 161
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Seeing that this subject with its many and wondrous outworkings constitute the theme
of these portions of Scripture, is it any marvel that some, having seen these things, at
least in part, feel more and more the burden of making known, by pen and by voice, the
claim which, under God, the apostle Paul has upon the ears and the hearts of those who
by nature are Gentiles? Is there not, consciously or unconsciously, on the part of many
preachers, who otherwise, praise God, still hold fast to the inspired Word, is there not an
unexplainable silence, a reticence, with regard to the distinctive message of the apostle to
the Gentiles? How many a sermon is preached from a text in Matthew, or the Psalms, or
Isaiah, and how vain it seems to hope for one even from Romans, to say nothing of
The day is far spent, the signs of the times indicate to the believer of prophecy that
soon the Lord will take up the case and cause of His rejected and downtrodden Israel. If
this be so, the opportunities of witnessing to the peculiar grace of God under the terms of
the mystery are fast running out. Oh may we, who consider these things, buy up the
opportunity, redeem the time, set forth the wondrous message of all spiritual blessings in
the superheavenlies, revealed in the gospel as the peculiar blessings of this dispensation
of the grace of God TO YOU GENTILES.