The Berean Expositor
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From Darkness to Light, through Blood.
pp. 111, 112
I wonder whether you know the meaning of the Belgian Flag? Its colours are black,
yellow and red, arranged in three vertical panels.
The Legend of the
flag epitomizes
Black Yellow Red
the history of the
country and reads
From Darkness
to Light,
through Blood.
Here we have not only the Belgian Flag, but one which could have been carried by
Israel as they left the bondage of Egypt, by the redemption of the Passover Lamb, FROM
DARKNESS TO LIGHT, THROUGH BLOOD. That also is my flag, it is yours too if
the Lord Jesus is your Saviour.
Study the Scriptures for the following subjects, viz., SIN is represented by darkness.
SALVATION is represented by light. Such salvation is only accomplished through the
blood of Christ.