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of death" is echoed by "dead and buried" (11:). The thirty-eight years of infirmity are
exchanged for blindness from birth (9:).
A prophetic meaning attaches to the words of Christ when He found the man in the
temple, "Behold thou art made whole: SIN NO MORE, lest a worse thing come unto
thee". There will be some who will sin even during the Millennium, and a worse
punishment than wandering and dying in the wilderness will befall them.  The
Millennium must not be confounded with the new Creation. The seventh day is the last
day of the week, not the first. The new creation follows the age of the Kingdom, and in
that new day sin and sorrow shall be found no more.
The first set of signs indicates what might have been had Israel repented. The second
set indicates what did and will take place, for Israel has now entered into blindness and
death, from which nothing can save them but the personal advent of their long-rejected
#5.  The  Central  Signs (6:).
Feeding of Five Thousand, and Jesus Walking on the Sea.
pp. 139 - 142
The signs already considered have been indicative of Israel's condition and prophetic
of the nation's restoration. The fourth sign (Feeding of five thousand) reveals the way in
which this restoration will be accomplished, and leads on to a crisis. It is the last of the
The feast of the Jews which is mentioned in the sign is suggestive ("The Passover a
feast of the Jews was nigh"), for here we shall read of the blood of Christ, without which
no man shall have life. Both of these central signs take place after the Lord had ascended
into a mountain. Israel's restoration is connected with the Mount of Olives both in the
prophets (Zech. 14: 4), the Lord's own prophecy (Matt. 24: 3), and the angel's
announcement (Acts 1: 12).
The Lord to test Philip asked him, "Whence shall we buy bread that these may eat".
He replies that "Two hundred pennyworth would not be sufficient to provide every one
with a little". Andrew remarks, "There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves and
two small fishes", but adds, "what are they among so many?" Clearly "buying" or
"sharing" will not go far, for there are over 5,000 hungry people to feed. The Lord now
says, "Make the men sit down" and then begins, after giving thanks, to distribute the
loaves to the disciples. When all had eaten "as much as they would" twelve baskets were
filled with the fragments that remained "over and above." The apostles were thereby also
provided with a full supply of food. The effect of this sign upon the multitude was to
make them say, "this is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world," and they
contemplated taking Christ by force and making Him King. "When Jesus therefore