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While the prize of  Phil. 3:,  "the out-resurrection out from the dead", is not
mentioned by name in II Tim., the fact that Paul repeats the words of Phil. 1: 23 and
2: 17, and summarizes with confidence his contest and race inclines one to feel that he
stood in no doubt concerning that for which he forgot all that was behind, and counted all
as loss, "if by any means" he might attain to it.
The prize and the crown are to be distinguished. The former is defined as "being with
Christ" and attaining to a special resurrection from the dead. The latter is not awarded
until "that day" which is still future. Nevertheless they are to be viewed together. Not all
who will attain to the crown will necessarily have also reached the prize, but the one is a
step to the other. The difference is rather one of degree than kind. We are not edified by
an undue curiosity into these things which Scripture has not enlarged upon; we do well to
observe the special conditions under which we labour, notice the weapon which is
provided us, set our hearts upon that day of His appearing in glory, and leave both prize
and crown with that One who is called "The Righteous Judge".
We do not pretend to have exhausted the theme. A few indications of the changed
environment that now obtains from what existed when Philippians was written is all that
we undertook to show. This was done with a desire to help those who may have felt that
the increasing difficulties and the decreasing aids, the failure of corporate testimony, and
the lonely battle, made the case hopeless. We direct such to II Timothy that they may see
their position and take courage.
It is not possible for any one of us to decide either for ourselves or for others as to the
possibility or the probability of having attained either prize or crown. The best thing is
humility. To reckon that we are not yet perfected, and for the love of the truth press on.
"Not for weight of glory, not for crown or palm
Enter we the army, raise the warrior's psalm.
But for love that claimeth lives for whom He died."