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A Doctrine of Demons.
God, the Author of Sin.
p. 173
A contemporary rightly says that the fact that any particular doctrine is taught by
demons is of itself sufficient proof that it is untrue. We would therefore earnestly draw
the attention of any of our readers who may have inclined to the teaching that God is the
author of evil to the following extract from a Spiritualistic book entitled "Whatever Is, Is
"Evil does not exist, evil is good. A lie is the truth intrinsically; it holds a
lawful place in creation; it is a necessity. Vice . . . . . beautiful in the eyes of the
soul. Virtue is good and sin is good. The woman who came to the well of
Sychar was just as pure in spirit before she met Christ, even though she was a
harlot, as she was afterwards when she went to live a different life. There's no
difference between Herod the murderer of the babes in Bethlehem, and Christ the
Saviour of men. Murder is good, and is perfectly natural act. There are no evil
Spirits, no Devil, and no Christ. Christ and the Devil are both alike.
For not a path on earth is trod
That does not lead the soul to God.
No matter how bad that path may be, whether it be the path of the liar or the
murderer, it is the path of Divine Ordination and Divine Destiny."
The closing paragraph should be prayerfully weighed in the balances of the Sanctuary
by those who in their zeal to emphasize the Sovereignty of God and the truth that He
worked ALL THINGS after the council of His Own Will, have not seen in all its
hideousness the logical outcome of this doctrine of demons.
[NOTE: * - Quoted from "After Death What?" by One of the Laity.
(Garden City Press, Southport).]