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Dispensational Difficulties.
A series of short articles designed to help to a clearer
understanding of a rightly divided Word.
p. 94
As a result of coming into contact with some of the readers of The Berean Expositor,
we begin to feel that it may be useful to go over some of the points of dispensational
truth, the repetition of which we have hitherto felt to be unnecessary. Some do not
appear to be quite clear, for example, as to:--
The Church which is the Bride and the Church which is the Body.
The use of the word "body" in I Cor. 12:
The dispensational position of I Thess. 4:
The hope of the Church of the Mystery.
The unique character of the dispensation of the Mystery.
The reason why Paul speaks of a new creation before Acts 28:
The dispensational place of the Gentiles during the Acts.
The place of Pentecost in the purpose.
Baptism and the Church of the One Body.
The "Gospel" for to-day.
The references to "gifts" in the Prison Epistles.
Those of our readers who do not find their particular difficulty dealt with, are invited
to notify the Editor, but no reply by post can be promised. It is not intended in this series
to deal with the subjects exhaustively, but to indicate their main bearings upon
dispensational issues.