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Berean Bible Studies.
The Purpose of the Ages.
Course 100: Paper #1.
pp. 27, 28
While every believer of the Bible is apt to have his favourite text, and to read some
portions more frequently than others, yet, to understand the Scriptures, we must ever
remember that God has a purpose, and that the Bible is the written revelation of that
purpose. While we may get more spiritual help from reading the Psalms than a long list
of names from Chronicles, yet no part can be spared or discounted the moment we begin
to consider the purpose therein unfolded.
THE PURPOSE.--The fact of a purpose is evident from the number of passages
which refer to it. The title of this paper comes from Eph. 3: 11, see R.V. margin, "The
purpose of the ages".
THE FULFILMENT of God's purpose is entirely in His hands, and although He may
use His creatures, the ultimate accomplishment does not rest in the creature, but in God
The FOCUS of God's purpose is His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, whether in creation,
kingdom, or church.
The AGENTS by whom this purpose is carried on are Israel, the Gentiles, and the
Church. (See paper No. 7).
The GOAL of the purpose of the ages is found in a new heavens and a new earth
wherein dwelleth righteousness, and where God shall be all in all.
Questions on Course 100: Paper No. 1.
1. Collect the passages in the N.T. which show that God has a purpose. Give also a
separate list of things which are said to be "according" to this purpose.
Do you see anything striking, that demands a purpose for its explanation, by
comparing the first and last chapters of Genesis?
2. Give references from both O.T. and N.T. to show that the fulfillment of God's
purpose is sure. Make a list of expressions used in these passages, together with the
words "purpose", and "counsel" that enforce this; e.g., Eph. 1: 11 - the added words
"Who worketh, etc."
3. The centre of God's purpose, it is said, is Christ. Give references to prove this.
Consider these references, and show that Christ fills many spheres in different
capacities in this great purpose.