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period which is reached by the sixth seal is called "The great day of His wrath". We are
led on by a different series of events to the same end when the seventh angel sounds his
trumpet, for again the period is given, "Thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that
they should be judged" (11: 18).
The record of the seven angels who have the seven vials gives us fuller details of this
period of "wrath" (6: 17; 11: 18), for they have the seven golden vials full of the wrath
of God. At the opening of the seventh seal upon the sounding of the seventh trumpet, and
upon the pouring out of the seventh vial, we have voices, thunderings, lightnings, and an
earthquake or shaking (8: 5; 11: 19; 16: 18). These three series of seals, trumpets, and
vials are each connected with the temple (8: 3-5; 11: 19; 16: 1, 17).
We have devoted time to this particular section because of the need there is to seek an
answer to the question, "Do the seven trumpets, and the remaining prophecies of the
Revelation, take place after the sixth seal in order of time, or do they go back and give
fuller details of the period covered by the six seals?" The fact that the abomination of
desolation and the great tribulation come before the opening of the sixth seal, necessarily
brings some of the later chapters into the period covered by chapter 6:, and considering
also the manner in which each series of seals, trumpets, and vials ends, we cannot help
but feel that the teaching is the true one which sees in the six seals the large outline of
events, and in the subsequent trumpets and vials the fuller details of the same period.
Just by way of suggestion we pass on the following items, trusting the reader may be
stirred up to make his own list and comparisons.
In the rendering of Rev. 6: 12-17, with which this article opens, it will observed that
there comes the expression, "the whole moon became as blood". If we consider this as
meaning what is known as the full moon, we shall miss the important connexion with the
events of the fourth trumpet. When the fourth angel sounded, the third part of the sun
was smitten and the third part of the moon. Just as God in His dealings with Pharaoh
held back the threatened judgment upon the firstborn until the very last, so here we can
see that the sounding of the fourth trumpet, though mentioned after the opening of the
sixth seal, is really before it in point of time.
Again, at the conclusion of this fourth trumpet an eagle flies through mid heaven with
cries of Woe. Under the fourth seal men repent not, neither give God glory. This seems
connected with the record of 14: 6, which speaks of an angel flying through mid heaven
with the aionian gospel, calling upon the earth dwellers to give glory to God.
But we must conclude. May the revelation of these realities stir us up to diligent
prayerful service, and stedfast faith during the days in which we are called upon to